Thursday, December 6, 2012

MK Collection at Jerry Pair

MK Collection is a Los Angeles-based textile and interior furnishings company founded by Melissa Kirkpatrick, a trained artist, former fabric consultant and interior designer. MK Collection includes an extensive array of fine woven and printed textiles, a line of trims and hand-knotted rugs that are produced in collaboration with Christopher Farr Inc. “It’s ambitious to debut a line of high-quality fabrics with the depth that I have with this collection, but I know as a designer that it offers a way to tell a story," Melissa says.

When launching her textile line, Melissa drew upon her insider knowledge of the world’s most venerated mills and artisans. Rather than partner with an established textile brand, Melissa ventured out on her own as an entrepreneur, hand-selecting makers around the world who shared her passion for fine workmanship and exquisite design. MK Collection wovens are made by a third-generation family-run mill in Italy, while the prints are either screened by hand in the U.S. or copper-rotary printed in Switzerland.

With her love of nature and fine art, Melissa found herself drawn to the lush botanical imagery found in the textiles, pottery, jewelry and ironwork of the Art Nouveau period for her design inspiration. Her work features vibrant colors and complex neutrals. “Color evokes so much emotion,” Melissa says. “Even the neutrals in this collection are full of rich hues.”

A careful marriage of color, image and fabric weight is hallmark of MK Collection fabrics. The prints feature three weights of Belgian linen—heavy, midweight and fine—and are available in three ground colors—linen, flax and white. The wovens include a variety of intricate constructions and lush weaves, which join each design to its perfect fabrication partner.

For her rugs, which are produced in partnership with Christopher Farr Inc., Melissa references classical designs such as the intricate detailing of Art Nouveau jewelry and hand-painted porcelain from the 1900s, but reinvents them in surprising ways. The rugs are hand-loomed in Turkey and made from a combination of 100 percent raw silk and wool. Their painterly qualities can be executed in virtually any color to enhance a wide range of interior designs.

An auspicious and original debut, MK Collection reflects the singular vision of its founder—bringing together sumptuous imagery with the world’s finest craftsmanship. “As I worked with great fabric houses in Europe, I discovered an endless supply of textures and fabrics to marry with my designs,” Melissa says. “I knew my passion for art had found a home in fabrics.”


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